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Recently, Oleg Shilovitsky, Co-founder and CEO of OpenBOM, engineering and manufacturing blogger at @BeyondPLM, and TEDx Speaker Catalyst attended the LiveWorx 2020 digital conference and wrote a synopsis describing his experience.

In the post: PTC LiveWorx 2020 - The Race Towards Cloud and SaaS Future Shilovitsky talks about his experience attending the online event saying, "LiveWorx delivered... an impressive example of a virtual event with live sessions, a catalog of on-demand presentation, and a social media presence." If you missed the event in June, you can watch all presentations from LiveWorx 2020 in the Content Archive.

He provides an overview of PTC President & CEO, Jim Heppelmann's keynote and the focus on SaaS and cloud. He writes "PTC is clearly in the... race to have the best cloud environment. While PTC made great steps towards cloud and SaaS, the feature set, completeness of the solution, and demanded user experience of SaaS products can make a huge difference." He says the race may be long and competitive but the winner will change the market and position of vendors in 2020 and beyond.

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