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Did you know that you can minimize your carbon footprint at the design stage by up to 80%?

The incorporation of sustainability as a fundamental prerequisite, along with the conventional factors of cost, functionality, and aesthetics, marks the latest advancement in the definition of good design.

With industry growth and climate change, more and more companies are becoming aware of the need to reduce CO2 emissions, the environmental impact of their product and compliance with standards. The circularity of products and the achievement of established sustainability goals is becoming an integral part of any business.

At Transition Technologies PSC, we work together with our customers to address the challenges that arise on their path to sustainability. Our specialists’ vast expertise and knowledge helps identify problems and offer personalized solutions. With more than 17 years of experience and 1200+ completed projects around the world, we strive to meet the changing environment. We've partnered with PTC and long-term global corporations, and together we focus on transforming their vision into reality.

As a leading global systems integrator, we develop our solutions based on technologies provided by PTC, including Windchill, ThingsWorx, Vuforia and Codebeamer, which enable us to provide digital manufacturing and engineering services. In addition, we use complementary technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, VR, AR, IoT and cloud computing.

Sustainable green transformation - TT PSC solutions

GreenPLM, based on ThingWorx, allows us to extend PLM with sustainability functions. It allows to set environmental targets (CO2 emissions, water consumption, etc.), while calculating the environmental impact of a product and comparing it between different product variants.

Without an overall strategy for energy management, it is almost impossible to make changes in this area and conduct global and unified initiatives. Energy Advisor is a customized solution that offers control of consumption costs during the production process. In addition, it locates areas of high energy usage and defines specific energy saving projects based on the collected data. It is worth noting that Energy Advisor increases awareness of energy utilization in real time.

SkillWorx is a solution for implementing customized, multi-dimensional inspections using AR technology and spatial intelligence, while minimizing human error. The entire process can take place under remote expert supervision, making the inspection even more effective.

We aspire to employ advanced technology for monitoring all stages of a product’s life cycle, from sourcing the raw materials to its ultimate disposal. By doing so, we are able to identify the areas where waste can be disposed, energy consumption optimized, and CO2 emissions reduced.

We offer all relevant steps from consulting, services, projects and ready-to-use solutions to managed services and maintenance. For more go to

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