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As a result of the global pandemic, the world has changed and companies are required to face new demands, respond to larger changes faster than ever before, and embrace new processes and ways of working. At the same time, competitive boundaries continue to shift with completely new business models and a need for new products, customer expectations are changing in the digital age, and the landscape has become even more competitive. Companies must differentiate themselves and pivot quickly to remain successful and get to market faster.

Whether we wanted to or not, everyone has entered into a new frontier. And it requires engineering teams to be more agile, iterative and connected when approaching product development and how their teams work and collaborate. The good news is that there is a new generation of tools available that can help product leaders and engineers. In Episode Two of LiveWorx, airing live on April 22nd, thought leaders:

will discuss how this new technology is completely reshaping product design as we know it today.

These experts will touch on three main themes: agility, digital thread, and innovation and disruption. They’ll hone in on how companies must be agile in product development so that they can quickly make changes- whether it be in the overall line of business, in product features, in how the product is made to achieve lower cost or to leverage a different supply chain, or in response to how their team is structured. Agility is about being able to respond to a large change, frequently and quickly and with rapid iteration. They’ll talk about how in this Covid-driven year every business was forced to be agile and that this level of agility is something companies are going to keep pushing to continue to experience a real advantage.

One component of agility is being able to sense when a change is coming or when a requirement may need to be updated. Enter the concept of the digital thread. A digital thread strategy connects the product development process to the people, products, and places where work gets done. The digital thread also improves operational efficiency, allows designers and engineers to collaborate and innovate, improves workflow, helps connect the dots in an organizations’ processes, and helps both individuals and entire organizations to adapt.

The digital thread is not the only technology driving innovation and disruption. Featured guests will also discuss a new generation of technology that is transforming the product development process and the way we work: automation, simulation, AI, generative design, and SaaS are all fundamentally disrupting long-standing processes and workflows. Be sure to tune in to learn about these revolutionary ways to design products.

During this segment, you will be able to submit questions to the Featured Guests to answer live. Simply email your questions during the live airing of the segment. BONUS: Everyone who submits a question will be entered into a raffle to win an exclusive LiveWorx gift. You will be entered into the raffle even if your question isn't answered on air.

Get ready to geek out during the Impact of Technology Segment on April 22nd and sign up today!

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