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Organizations can become resilient and adaptable with TCS’s Bringing Life to Things™ IoT framework, helping them to respond quickly and recover from unexpected market disturbances.

Globally, organizations are facing a volatile business climate with various societal, economic, and environmental disruptions. IoT technologies offer a ray of light, promising to bring flexibility in manufacturing, resilience through connected supply chain, and newer business models to help organizations become more agile and resilient in the new normal.

With an increasing number of digital sensors embedded across products and industrial assets, enterprises have the ability to connect in context and share information across the edge to the cloud. Further, predictive insights from this data help anticipate anomalies and take decisions in real-time. As they progress, systems can function with minimal or no human intervention and realize a self-aware state.

TCS’s Bringing Life to Things™ framework provides a roadmap for an organization to seamlessly traverse this journey from connected to predictive and finally self-aware state. Moreover, it enables a purpose-centric ecosystem that cuts across multiple industry segments and unlocks exponential value across the value chain.

Damen shipyards, a European shipbuilding major partnered with TCS to achieve its vision of becoming a maritime services integrator, putting in place a Connected Vessel Platform to connect its products and integrate the maritime ecosystem. Powered by the IoT platform, Damen was able to derive predictive insights into the operations and maintenance of vessels and transform its business model to offer value-added services to customers. As a result, it is driving improvements in asset monitoring, vessel planning, and predictive maintenance to deliver up to a 12% reduction in fuel consumption and 100% uptime to its customers. Damen is now moving ahead towards making ships autonomous and has been successful at building business resilience and agility. IDC has awarded Damen for this program in their Future Enterprise Best of Digital Innovation Awards for 2021 under the Performance as a Service category.

Similarly, a leading middle eastern retailer was aiming to reduce its energy consumption and carbon footprint, in order to achieve net-zero emissions. By bringing life to things and adopting TCS Clever EnergyTM, it was able to monitor assets remotely, optimize consumption and accurately predict energy needs, resulting in improved operational flexibility and efficiency. This resulted in 10% year-on-year savings in energy costs. The retailer has achieved a significant reduction in carbon footprint and made its business more sustainable.

Even as we tide over uncertainty and step into a vastly changed business environment, the adoption of Bringing Life to Things - IoT framework has helped enterprises with operations continuity, employee safety, business sustainability, and retention of their competitive advantage. Going forward, IoT will continue to be a gamechanger and a catalyst for enterprises in mastering their digital journeys.

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