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With social distancing as the “new normal,” we are all working hard to find ways to stay connected to colleagues, friends, and family. In the event world, this means creating an online environment that encourages engagement and interactivity through virtual networking.

While there are endless advantages to participating in any event, networking is one of the most enjoyable and beneficial. By opting to spend time meeting your peers at an event, you are strengthening your business connections, which can lead to future benefits in career development. Networking can also lend itself to collaboration, which is essential for transferring knowledge and gaining different perspectives from industry experts.

Since one of the major benefits of attending a live conference is networking and connecting with like-minded individuals, it is extremely important not to lose this element in the transition from in-person to virtual events. Virtual networking offers many value-adds that even live events cannot, such as flexibility in timing and bandwidth. Rather than having limited, specifically allocated time to meet with others, virtual attendees can prioritize networking while not sacrificing other elements of the event such as attending a breakout session or keynote. Virtual networking also allows the world to become a bit smaller, as virtual events are accessible in multiple time zones and eliminate the cost of travel, creating a more inclusive opportunity. Especially now, this ability to connect and come together is something we can all look forward to and appreciate.

At LiveWorx 2020, we have created a Networking Lounge powered by Turnout Now, and attendees are encouraged to opt-in to interact throughout the event, just as they would if they were in Boston with us this year. Attendees will be able to utilize one-to-one or one-to-many text chats, as well as video calls and meeting scheduling. Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, individuals will be able to identify who shares similar interests; this is a unique benefit in creating a networking opportunity that is all virtual, as attendees will be able to meet with more like-minded peers than they may have if the event was in person. The Networking Lounge will be available starting June 7th  and ending June 19th, empowering attendees to create connections the first day of the event and continuing to build upon them in the weeks after, all within the same platform.

Whether you’re now collaborating with others from your home office, on your couch, or locked in your room hiding from your kids, the value of professional connection doesn’t need to be diminished in any way because you’re not physically face to face! Looking forward to meeting you at LiveWorx…virtually!

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