Liveworx | Episode One: Work Methods Changing the Workplace

Change doesn’t happen overnight.

There are times where one development plays an instrumental role in causing rapid change. More often than not, though, the seeds for that change are planted well in advance and then something serves as the catalyst, quickly reshaping the world.

Remote work is a great example.

It’s been the topic of countless panels, blog posts and whitepapers over the past couple decades. During that period, businesses implemented remote work to varying degrees; some organizations embraced it as the way of the future, others fought it with every fiber of their being and most companies fell somewhere in between along that spectrum.

With the onset of COVID-19 at the beginning of 2020, every business that could work remotely had a strong incentive to do so and just about all of them acted accordingly.

Some employees, particularly professionals who can work remotely as easily as on-site, have grown accustomed to a different routine, one that gives them more time for family, exercise or personal fulfillment. Other employees, those on the front lines, have changed their habits too, often in the form of hands-free tools or by limiting on-site head counts through the use of more remote technicians.

Now, as the vaccine is distributed and as workers gradually feel safer about ”returning to normal,” that poses a familiar question: how often should we be coming into the office? Has the way we collaborate changed forever? And, do we have the right tools in place to equip our workforce, no matter their physical location, now and for the future?

How companies answer that question, and how companies position their employees for success as they work from everywhere, is critical to productivity, competitiveness and morale. It’s also the topic of LiveWorx 2021 Episode One, taking place Thursday, March 25 at 10 a.m. EDT.

Work Methods Changing the Workplace will feature an informative look at remote work, with a special focus on the tools and technologies that have played an essential role in supporting it during the pandemic.

Take augmented reality, for example. AR is already a big part of ongoing digital transformation efforts at many companies because it offers substantial benefits.

With effectively implemented AR technology, industrial enterprises and their employees can visualize work from afar like never before.

Troubleshooting complex customer issues is much easier when everyone can see a virtual representation of the problem or process. Junior staff can learn far more quickly from senior staff when they see everything in front of them. Checking in on operations from a safe distance, for health concerns or any other reason, is simpler as well, of course.

In sum, AR equips companies with the capabilities to meet the challenges of a retiring workforce, increased product complexity and immediate customer demands with faster knowledge distribution, improved remote collaboration and superior productivity.

In addition, Software-as-a-Service has become more and more popular as a model and distribution method for this type of enterprise software, since it offers many of the same perks (agility, flexibility, remote-friendly) to businesses.

Work Methods Changing the Workplace will offer vibrant discussions and valuable insight on remote work and what the future holds. This episode will also include a look at how technology like augmented reality and SaaS are specifically poised to add and create value for collaboration across the enterprise and new ways of working.

Interested in attending? We’d love to see you there. Click here and tune in for Episode One of LiveWorx 2021: The Limited Series.

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