Liveworx | Episode Two: The New Frontier of Product Development

Ask someone with a business degree what makes a company successful and you’ll hear that it entails significant input from multiple stakeholders to align effectively and collaborate across various disciplines towards strategic goals.

Ask anyone who’s ever actually worked in engineering what makes a company successful and you’ll hear it begins with the product.

Making a product that is great and continues to be great is no small task. It’s never been easy to begin with; in a world that changes more rapidly each day and includes plenty of venture capital just itching to be deployed, it is more difficult than ever.

Key to this challenge of reaching and maintaining a leading market position is technology, because product development and product design are two of the many areas where tech has made a significant impact during the past couple decades.

Today, when enterprises talk about their product process, those conversations involve terms like simulation-driven design, generative design, additive manufacturing, product connectivity, SaaS-based CAD, SaaS-based PLM and digital thread.

How can companies make the most of these tools? What’s the best way to evaluate them? How do they all work together? These are the types of topics we’ll cover in The New Frontier of Product Development, Episode Two of LiveWorx 2021: The Limited Series.

On Thursday, April 22 at 10 a.m. EDT, Episode Two airs live, giving viewers the opportunity to hear from leaders spearheading some of the most innovative work in the product space and from PTC technology experts who help support it.

Olabisi Boyle, Vice President, Product Planning and Mobility Strategy at Hyundai Motor North America, will be joining us to discuss how Hyundai is transforming itself from an automaker into a smart mobility solution provider.

Olabisi has spent 20+ years in the auto industry, including leadership roles in engineering, product strategy and manufacturing at Fiat Chrysler, Ford and Hyundai. In her current role, Olabisi is responsible for guiding strategic direction of Hyundai’s U.S. vehicle lineup as well as planning, market research, business analytics and pricing. Her segment will showcase how Hyundai’s investment in the latest technology is transforming their approach to product development and advancing how people interact with their mobility solutions.

From PTC, we’ll have three guests joining us to chat about the importance of an agile product development process, the role of generative design and artificial intelligence moving forward, and how a digital thread strategy connects the people, products and places where work gets done:

Kevin has been with PTC for more than 25 years and heads up the CAD, PLM and IoT Product Segments, along with the associated research and development organizations.

Linda manages the advanced research of AI-driven generative design at PTC, drawing on her extensive leadership in both business and technical positions at several CAD/CAM/data analytics software companies.

Jon leads the OnShape business he originally co-founded and sold to PTC in 2019, plus he also oversees several PTC products and the PTC Atlas platform. Jon has been recognized with the prestigious CAD Society Leadership award, and if you still aren’t impressed, he was also part of the infamous MIT blackjack team featured in books and movies.

Kelly Bryant, Deputy Section Manager, Mechanical Design/Drafting & Manufacturing at Jacobs Engineering, is our final guest for Episode Two and you won’t want to miss him. Kelly will talk through how Jacobs Engineering has used generative design to optimize the portable life support system in NASA spacesuits, challenging conventional wisdom and taking the product design to new heights, so to speak.

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