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LiveWorx 19 was full of educational sessions for the Aerospace & Defense industry, with content focused on common challenges: supplier collaboration, contract/PBL management, long spare part lead times, dynamic and complex product configurations, and many more. Below are links to PDFs for some of the top sessions from the Aerospace & Defense Track. Click here to access the full LiveWorx 19 Content Archive, featuring over 200 session pdfs and videos in 18 different tracks and specialized content areas.

Implementing the Model-Based Enterprise [Richard Hartman, Managing Director, DSA]

This session will walk through the process and technical prerequisites to Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) as well as outline the potential scope for MBE through the entire supply chain. Additionally, we will discuss the applicable PTC & partner technologies available for exploitation including implementation challenges which are critical to success. Finally, we will discuss how to calculate the real measurable ROI for MBE.

Airbus Enterprise Architecture for Digital Twin and Digital Continuity [Jonathan Bioret, Project Manager, Airbus and Simon Rince, Information Management Architect, Airbus]

In the frame of its Digital Transformation initiative, Airbus launched several projects to produce quickly with high quality standards, reduce time to market and better satisfy their customer. Bringing the digital twin to life on the shopfloor is one of their initiatives, highly contributing to digital continuity in design and manufacturing. Integration of new technologies like robotics, industrial IoT, and AR, as well as establishing seamless bridges with IS backbone components are key. Attend this session to hear how to optimize operational performance by leveraging the availability of smart tools such as drilling units through anticipation in the process. The solution implemented provides insights about drilling operations both to the methods and to the designers. It results as well in improved traceability, better quality, and aims at cost and complexity reduction.  

Model Based Design, Process and Technical Prerequisites for Enterprise [Spencer Brock, Mechanical Engineer, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory| Philip Lindberg, Design Automation Support, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory| Brian Martin, Section Supervisor/ Sr. Mechanical Engineer, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory| Dmitry Ushamirsky, MCAx/PLM Support Engineer, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory]

Hear two case studies from Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab and DSA leveraging the value of Model Based Enterprise (MBE). John Hopkins APL has designed unique vehicles using model-based design, motion skeletons/ mechanisms, additive manufacturing, topology optimization, and other aspects of Creo Parametric 4.0. It also incorporates elements of Mathcad, Creo Schematics, Creo Illustrate, PTC Navigate, ThingWorx, and Vuforia.

Smart Connected Operations (IIoT and RFID) for Manufacturing and Remote Monitoring [Clint Auten, Director, Facilities Maintenance, Southwest Airlines and John Bortel II, Senior Technology Consultant, Sabel Systems Technology Solutions]

Hear two case studies from Southwest Airlines (Sabel Systems) and Crean & Associates leveraging the value of ThingWorx for Smart Connected Operations. Sabel Systems Technology Solutions and Southwest Airlines used ThingWorx to create a cloud hosted Central Monitoring System (CMS) for their Corporate Facilities team who are responsible for maintaining the equipment that is critical to airline operations. The CMS enables real time remote visibility to airport equipment performance at the component level, automated alert and escalation features that reduce downtime, a direct interface with Southwest's Computerized Maintenance Management System to create work orders, and robust reporting for benchmarking and trend analysis. Crean & Associates will present the ROI calculation for an IIoT and RFID program for all stakeholders. Their presentation will include an optimization strategy and showcase how an IIoT and RFID program will future proof the organization by ensuring its competitiveness in the industry.

Digital Technology to Enhance Border Security [Don Sharp, CEO, Coolfire Solutions]

According to Coolfire Solutions CEO, Donald Sharp a digital or “smart” wall comprised of in-ground sensors, security cameras, and software solutions can be used to replace or enhance physical barriers along international borders. In his session, Donald will explain that unlike steel or concrete, a smart wall leverages the power of data and communication to improve situational awareness, reduce human error and extend command and control to the border’s edge. Donald will share insights gained from current border security initiatives in the U.S. and Central Asia, where digital technologies are being used to eliminate drug trafficking, illegal immigration, and terrorism.

These are just some of the sessions from the Aerospace & Defense Track. Be sure to visit the LiveWorx 19 Archive to see all of them.

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