Liveworx | How We’re Making LiveWorx 2023 More Sustainable

As part of PTC’s ongoing sustainability initiatives, the team behind this year’s LiveWorx has committed to taking specific actions to help make LiveWorx 2023 a more sustainable and charitable event. From on-site initiatives and post-event logistics to a full track of breakout sessions dedicated to helping manufacturers reduce their environmental footprint, sustainability will be a primary focus across everything happening at LiveWorx 2023.

The Event Space

It all starts with the LEED-Certified Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC), where LiveWorx 2023 will take place. Home to previous iterations of LiveWorx, the BCEC implements several green building practices that help events like LiveWorx reduce their use of energy, source local food and beverage options, and provide composting, recycling, and donation bins for both used and unused items.

LiveWorx attendees looking for information on how to reduce their own environmental impact can check out BCEC's tips for visitors, found here.

Creating a Greener Xtropolis

For this year’s Xtropolis show floor, LiveWorx will forego material giveaways and physical swag entirely. In lieu of any conference swag, LiveWorx will be making a substantial donation to a yet-to-be-named charity that supports environmental sustainability initiatives.

Additionally, LiveWorx 2023 will minimize its use of plastic by making water coolers available across Xtropolis and providing in-person attendees with event badges that are fully compostable. We encourage attendees to bring their own refillable water bottle to help further reduce potential waste.

Lastly, PTC’s event organizers will partner with the BCEC to ensure that any extra, unused food from LiveWorx 2023 will be donated to local organizations that specialize in providing meals to those in need. In addition to sourcing local food options, the BCEC’s exclusive Food and Beverage partner, Levy Restaurants, regularly donates to organizations such as Rescuing Leftover Cuisine, Food for Free, and Pine Street Inn.

If you’d like to learn more about the ways PTC is reducing its environmental impact, including the carbon footprint for events like LiveWorx 2023, we invite you to stop by the Life at PTC booth on the show floor to speak with one of the members of our Green at PTC employee champion network.

A New Era of Sustainable Innovation

LiveWorx 2023 will showcase how technology-driven solutions from PTC enable industrial businesses to deliver more sustainable outcomes across the lifecycle of their physical products. Hear from leading organizations like Cummins and Vestas in this year’s environmental sustainability content track, which will touch on everything from how engineers can optimize product designs for the environment to where manufacturers can reduce waste and become more energy efficient throughout the factory.

We look forward to seeing you at LiveWorx 2023 and learning more about how your business is prioritizing sustainability.

Explore the Content Catalog for LiveWorx 2023 and pre-register for breakout sessions focused on Environmental Sustainability.

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