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From efficiency and safety, to new business models and sustainability, more than ever, digital transformation is not just something you should do, it's something that companies need to do to stay relevant in a competitive marketplace. Successful companies are shifting their focus and committing to using digital innovations like Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based technologies to transform their business processes and strategies to positively impact the world around them. The trend toward a more agile, distributed, and mobile workforce was already unmistakable, but the COVID-19 crisis has dramatically accelerated it.

SaaS: The Architecture For The New Normal

Join Jon Hirschtick, EVP of SaaS at PTC and Mike Campbell, EVP of Augmented Reality at PTC, on June 9th at 11am ET for an interactive virtual discussion of how companies are leveraging SaaS-based CAD, PLM, and Augmented Reality as key tools for them to not only survive disruption but to embrace agile/distributed/mobile work to differentiate against their competition.

By attending this livestream session you will understand:

  1. Why SaaS is a big win for distributed teams who need to be hyper-agile.
  2. The SaaS-based tools for CAD, PLM, Augmented Reality that are available and being used today.
  3. Why you don't need to shift your whole corporation to SaaS –start with specific projects. 

What is the value of Saas and why is it important to start thinking about it now?

  • Innovation Velocity: on the software side, companies can release updates and new features to customers faster and accelerates the introduction of new capabilities into the market. Customers benefit from always being on the latest release, without disruptive upgrades and no need for administrators to implement patches or perform regular upgrades.
  • Flexibility: software can be delivered and accessible from any connected location or device at any time.
  • TCO: Total cost of ownership is lower because SaaS eliminates the need for costly server and desktop hardware and administrative staff to maintain.
  • Productivity: there's no need to install software nor copy files among people and applications, teams can get work done quicker than ever within SaaS tools.
  • Collaboration: Distributed and mobile teams can benefit from improved  collaboration and reduce the time needed to bring new products to market. It improves teams’ regular everyday processes, speeding up communication and giving stakeholders the flexibility to work together online anywhere from any device. SaaS provides a single source of truth to stakeholders, meaning everyone is using the same master model at the same time and they’re all editing the same data simultaneously. This means that teams work faster, and they get more innovative results because they can try more ideas as they work.
  • Ecosystem: The platform model lends itself to extensibility into niche areas via partnerships. Some SaaS tools like Onshape allow teams to instantly share (and easily revoke access to) data with colleagues and external partners, the ideal platform for including more perspectives.
  • Security: Patches are implemented in highly-secure back end systems, thus ensuring that all subscribers (customers) are on the latest, most secure release of the software.

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