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The LiveWorx 20 Content Archive is now available online! Gain access to over 120 presentation pdfs and video recordings from 15 different tracks focused on key areas of transformative technology. You'll also be able to view all 9 livestream replays and an easy-to-filter content library to help you find content most relevant to your interests. If you missed LiveWorx, this is your opportunity to access all of the 2020 content in one place, at your convenience, for a full year!    

In addition to the hugely popular keynote presentations, some of the highly viewed sessions you'll find in the Archive include:

PLM Roadmap 2020: The Backbone for Digital Transformation PTC's PLM strategy is based on four key elements that support digital transformation. With increased visibility, the entire organization can work concurrently and close gaps – helping to save time, reduce costs, improve quality, and get to market faster. Strategic enterprise systems create a single domain for trustworthy product data. Digital models allow for a product, process and factory digital twin. Digital deployment options optimize your implementation, and it is all housed within the digital thread, connecting everything that matters. Learn how PTC’s PLM solutions enable you to realize this agile transformation.

Adding The Human "Expert" - Your Machine Has Never Been This Predictable View this session, to learn how ADI is delivering machine data insights (data to knowledge) through Analog Devices' portfolio of AI offerings. You will get an appreciation of how they are connecting human experts to the AI platforms and explore the many advantages of our approach. You will see real use-case examples including predictive maintenance solutions for almost any machine as well as improving quality control throughput of the manufacturing line.

Creo Roadmap: What's New and What's Coming Soon Learn about the latest capabilities and get a sneak peek into areas of focus for future Creo releases. Areas of future investment include simulation-driven design, generative design, and multi-body design capabilities. Creo is the industry standard in CAD software, come see why!

ŠKODA Transforms the Maintenance Ecosystem with Augmented Reality and IIoT The Press Shop ŠKODA AUTO a.s. needed to develop a brand-new condition monitoring system to monitor the Schuler PXL Press Lines, and help the maintenance department monitor key devices and values. Watch this presentation to learn how they created a whole maintenance ecosystem including data collection, condition monitoring, smart maintenance, predictive maintenance and augmented reality.

Vuforia AR Enterprise Solution Suite Advancements Vuforia Augmented Reality delivers groundbreaking results with knowledge capture and transfer, 3D work instructions, augmented remote assistance and industry-leading customer application development and serves as the core user experience for the future of the industrial enterprise. Learn how the Vuforia AR Enterprise Solution Suite can arm your workforce with the power to drive operational efficiency, improve customer experiences and increase opportunities for growth.

15 Non-Technical Skills to Cultivate for Technology Leadership Today, being a standout member of your technology organization requires more than being a technical whizz. In fact, technical skills will only take you so far. Ginny Hamilton, Red Hat's CIO community manager, has interviewed dozens of IT executives and identified 15 non-technical skills they say the most innovative members of their teams possess. Find out what IT leaders *really* look for when deciding who to promote and select for special projects. In this presentation, you will learn practical tips for developing the soft skills, emotional intelligence, and business savvy that will make you a better technology leader.

SaaS is in Your Future: How Onshape Drives Innovation in Product Design With continued pressure for companies to deliver innovative products and improvements on accelerated timelines, the full-cloud Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) approach to product development offers clear business advantages. Thousands of companies who have made the move to SaaS already see it as a platform that lets them transform and improve how their processes and teams work. Watch this session and explore the global trends towards cloud and mobile technologies and how the demands for better and faster communication between teams, more innovation, and lower costs are driving the adoption of cloud-native SaaS tools.

Unleashing the Power of IIoT and Cellular Connectivity PTC and Ericsson are partnering to make Industrial IoT and connectivity simple. By combining Ericsson’s leadership in cellular technology with PTC’s industrial expertise, enterprises can speed up cellular IoT deployment and realize the value of Industry 4.0. And lay the foundation for 5G to realize the benefits of network slicing, edge computing and high reliability, low latency communications.

Unlock Double Digit Impact With Digital Transformation Solutions There has never been a greater challenge imposed upon manufacturing and supply chains around the world. Disruptions are having dramatic effects on corporate leaders responsible for organizational strategies focused on value and optimized revenue. How do you determine which initiatives will have the greatest impact on recovery and how do you operationalize digital transformations at scale? Companies with a laser focus on financial impact and the prioritization of limited resources against high-value use cases, can achieve a successful digital transformation journey.

The Effective Implementation of SOPs Using Augmented Expert Guidance Pharmaceutical manufacturing is rapidly increasing in complexity. This comes with more complex procedures, the need for effective training and more demand for knowledge retention from front-line workers. Lengthy standard operating procedures (SOPs) and "read-and-understands" are a core part of training, but can seem redundant and difficult to follow to the new digitally-inclined workforce. Introducing new technology is required to keep our workforce engaged, motivated and productive but this can be challenging in a highly regulated, quality-driven environment. Capturing the tacit knowledge of skilled workers is a hugely valuable resource that Pfizer has been tapping into with augmented expert guidance. Learn about how Pfizer Digital Manufacturing has been equipping the workforce with the tools to create improved procedure documentation, effectively transferring tacit knowledge, and empowering workers with knowledge at their fingertips.

ThingWorx Platform and Solutions Roadmap This session provides an in-depth overview of ThingWorx, the industry-leading solution platform for Industrial IoT and discusses the vision of the platform's evolution, reviews the investment themes driving development priorities, explores a high-level roadmap of deliverables, and explains PTC's strategy for meeting the evolving needs of customers and partners.

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