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The season finale of LiveWorx: The Limited Series taking place June 24th at 10am EDT is quickly approaching. In this previous post, we provided an outline of what you can expect in the 90-minute episode which is centered around how digital technologies are transforming physical products and aspects of business.

A big focus of PTC President & CEO, Jim Heppelmann’ s keynote address will focus on the power of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), PTC’s own SaaS Product Roadmap, and ultimately how digital transformation is in fact transforming itself.

What is SaaS and what value does SaaS deliver for the industrial enterprise?

  • Availability and mobility: you can access this technology from anywhere, on any device, at any time and it's completely mobile.
  • Security and scalability: it’s easier to increase organizational access to software and go live.
  • Low cost of ownership: there are no infrastructure costs associated with implementation or scaling and there's no need for software upgrades.
  • Better UI: feedback from customers can be made into actionable product updates, quickly and on the fly.
  • Collaboration: multiple people can be working on the exact same data set at the same time.
  • Innovation: SaaS allows systems to go to production much more quickly and allows systems to be updated much more frequently

In November of 2019, PTC acquired Onshape, a SaaS product development platform that houses powerful CAD, data management, and collaboration tools all in one solution. PTC has used this acquisition as a tipping point and has embarked on its own transformational journey by taking the SaaS platform that powers Onshape and creating PTC Atlas.

Atlas is slated to become the SaaS platform where PTC hosts its own software suite on the cloud, inclusive of Vuforia, Creo, Arena, Windchill, and ThingWorx products with a goal to deliver a totally integrated, totally unified SaaS portfolio. Atlas will bring the benefits of SaaS to the PTC software you know, love, and depend on and provide opportunities for even more people to digitally transform their businesses through the power of technology.

Heppelmann will discuss some of the planned features and functionality on the SaaS roadmap and will also showcase a series of Atlas demonstrations and insights from existing Onshape and Arena customers.

Learn all about SaaS and PTC's own digital transformation journey in the season finale of LiveWorx: Digital Transforms Physical.

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