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More than ever, manufacturers are facing increasing challenges in cost, efficiency, and quality. They are under pressure to combine various technologies and solutions to optimize the entire manufacturing process. Leveraging disruptive technologies like IIoT, AR, and AI to connect people and processes is the only way they are going to thrive and outpace their competition.

Join Blake Moret,Chairman and CEO of Rockwell Automation, a leader in industrial automation, on June 9th at 4pm ET as he shares why manufacturers, their teams and the products they make have never been more essential to our economy and our lives. From scalable manufacturing to remote monitoring, Rockwell Automation is at the front line of ensuring business continuity for essential goods, services and companies around the globe.

In this livestream session you will learn:

1. How the current environment is impacting how we work.

2. Essential strategies for navigating changing environments.

3. How Rockwell Automation and its customers are expanding human possibility. 

After Blake's session, be sure to explore 20+ on-demand sessions on IIoT for the Factory to hear from other experts who are proficient at enabling faster, flexible and efficient processes to produce high-quality goods at reduced costs. Not only will you have access to the IIoT for the Factory sessions when you register for the complimentary virtual event, you will be able to view eight other keynotes and over 100 other on-demand sessions spanning 13 educational tracks including AR, PLM, CAD, Emerging Tech and more!

Deepen your knowledge and implement new digital manufacturing strategies to take your company to the next level, at LiveWorx.

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