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Award-winning author Steven Johnson will join the LiveWorx lineup as a Keynote presenter. Johnson has written 13 best-selling books, is the current host of PBS series How We Got to Now and Extra Life, and also hosts the podcasts American Innovations and the TED Interview Podcast.

In this keynote presentation, Where Good Ideas Come From, Steven will discuss the secrets behind unusually creative individuals and organizations by sharing stories from history about progress made in technology, manufacturing, and human health. Attendees can expect to hear lessons from history about the importance of collaboration, the anticipation of consequences, and the connection between progress and new ideas.

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In his bestseller Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation Johnson explores the impact play has on creativity and the development of ideas related to science, technology, politics, and human health. Throughout history, creativity has played a fundamental role in the development of ideas and things that have had monumental impacts on our lives including the pencil, the flush toilet, and the battery. In his books and TV series on innovation, Steven offers the idea that creativity is critical to success, and we can foster it in ourselves and our organizations by following seven common patterns that are seen in innovation hubs like Google and Apple, and behind some of the greatest innovations in human history.

Steven discusses these and other related topics at the intersection of science, technology, and personal experience in his best-selling books and popular podcasts. He also frequently contributes as a columnist to The New York Times, WIRED Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and more.

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This May, Steven will share his insights into the relationship between scientific innovations human evolution and the changes we can make to foster creative thinking, decision-making, scientific progress, and collaborative innovation personally and professionally to bring about evolution in our own lives.

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