Liveworx | Tips for Submitting a Successful LiveWorx Speaker Proposal

The LiveWorx 2020 Call for Papers is open through September 26, 2019.  So what makes for a successful speaker proposal that will grab the Content Committees' attention and land you a spot on the agenda?  Here are some of the top tips for joining the esteemed ranks of LiveWorx presenters in 2020:    

1.  Be Prepared 
Make sure to review the LiveWorx 2020 Call for Papers Frequently Asked Questions before you submit. 

2. Choose the Best Educational Track 
Visit this link for a complete list of tracks, they range from topics like Emerging Tech to industries such as Automotive & Mobility.    

3. Have a "Wow Factor"
Demonstrate innovation and creativity within your proposal to get the Committee's attention.  Figure out what about your proposal is really going to make it stand out, and make it "pop."

4. Show Results
If presenting a case study or success story, be sure to include metrics that show results, e.g. What was the cost or time savings?  How was productivity impacted?

5. Be Clear and Concise
Abstracts are limited to 1000 words, so be sure to choose them carefully.  Highlight only the most important information you need to convey (the Committee will thank you!).

6. Give the ROI to Your Audience
What will attendees learn from your presentation?  Each submission must include 2-3 key takeaways, so look at it from the audience's perspective, why should they attend?

7. Ask Questions
Remember the old adage: There's no such thing as a stupid question.  We're here to help, if you have any questions, please email for assistance!

Get more details on submission guidelines, session types, suggested content and more in the Call for Papers & Content Checklist.   Then write an abstract outlining your presentation and submit it here.  You'll be notified of your submission status by mid-November, 2019.  Time is running out, so get started today!  

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