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At LiveWorx 2020, we launched a new content track focused on topics of professional development for individual contributors and people managers alike. Traditionally, attendees at LiveWorx are able to learn about the technology solutions and best practices to manage and execute successful digital transformation programs at their organizations. The purpose of the new Leadership & Development track was to provide attendees with an opportunity to also learn the professional and interpersonal skills they need to be successful in the workplace including complex problem solving, confidence, creativity, critical thinking, diversity and inclusion, emotional intelligence, communication, negotiation, leadership, the role of technology in management, and sourcing and retaining talent.

Below are video recordings and pdf presentations for some of the top viewed sessions to-date from the Leadership & Development educational track. Click here to access the full LiveWorx '20 Content Archive, featuring over 120 sessions in 15 different tracks and specialized content areas.

A Practical Guide to the Evolution of Leadership
Sundar Ananthasivan, VP Engineering, Project Management and R&D, Wausau Window and Wall Systems
Design, engineering, and manufacturing organizations are filled with value stream leaders, managers, directors and vice presidents across various functions. These are all individuals at different leadership levels working through metrics and processes to achieve various business targets. How do you, as an individual, know if you are making a difference in your team? How do you gauge if you are having an impact on developing the next level leader? How do the various metrics and targets being tracked amount to a greater purpose for your self and the organization you are in? Watch this presentation recording to get practical insight into how leadership has evolved over the last decade. You'll also learn about the data available and how the process around streamlining efforts driven by metrics may cause purpose and potential to be mismatched.

Management Still Matters: Why Tech Companies Fail at Managing People
James Rodgers, President and Thought Leader, J.O. Rodgers and Associates
Managing people is both a strategy and performance capability. Properly executed, effective management can add tangibly to team performance. Done poorly, management can contribute to lower performance. Technology alone can never be a winning or sustainable proposition for any enterprise. Unfortunately, too many technology-focused companies fail to realize the full benefit of their investment in people. Based on current research, there are simple and effective methods available that can help any frontline manager realize the promise of a talented, diverse team. As one writer put it, "if people are not more productive working for you than not, you need to get out of managing. You're in the way!"

The Codes of Curiosity & Empathy: Turn Unconscious Bias into Conscious Inclusion
UB Ciminieri, CEO Co-founder & Facilitator, Breaking the Bias | Joe Thurman, Co-founder & Facilitator, Breaking the Bias | Nina Baliga, Facilitator, Breaking the Bias
"The Code of Curiosity" begins a journey of awareness of our own biases. This session will create a safe environment to begin to explore the influences that have formed our biases. It will help us develop clarity and vulnerability to explore what triggers us, and what causes us to express our biases in positive and negative ways. And it will give us hope through knowledge because we are all biased, we are not broken, and we are just human. Finding that common ground gives us all a starting point to work together to be more curious and to build more inclusive workplaces. With this awareness, we can approach our roles with more curiosity to improve outcomes in interviewing, sales and product development for example.

15 Non-Technical Skills to Cultivate for Technology Leadership
Ginny Hamilton, Community Manager, Red Hat
Today, being a standout member of your technology organization requires more than being a technical whizz. In fact, technical skills will only take you so far. Ginny Hamilton, Red Hat's CIO community manager, has interviewed dozens of IT executives and identified 15 non-technical skills they say the most innovative members of their teams possess. Find out what IT leaders *really* look for when deciding who to promote and select for special projects. In this presentation, you will learn practical tips for developing the soft skills, emotional intelligence, and business savvy that will make you a better technology leader.

Why Culture is Critical to Your Team Retention Strategy
Mickey Mentzer, VP of Innovation and Technology, Ascendum Solutions
The culture in an organization makes all the difference when attracting and retaining employees. Fierce hiring competition, high attrition rates and a call for work responsibilities that aligns with employees' personal values makes creating an outstanding workplace culture all that more important. In the real-time, connected social world we live in, employee attitudes and feelings about their work culture is disseminated at light speed, which can make or break brands. Ascendum VP of Innovation and Technology, Mickey Mentzer, offers real-world advice on how technology leaders can create the type of culture that makes employees feel empowered, comfortable, and motivated while driving productivity. Additionally, he reveals the key warning signs that the corporate culture is declining and what to do about it.

These are just a handful of the sessions from the Leadership & Development Track, be sure to check out the Archive to see them all.

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