Liveworx | Work Methods Changing the Workplace: Impact of Technology

Each episode of LiveWorx will be made up of three unique segments that are all aligned to a core theme and moderated by Host, Katie Linendoll. For Episode One, the core theme is “Work Methods Changing the Workplace”. Featured Guests will discuss how the global pandemic has required companies to create entirely new ways of doing business and how they have had to re-focus on methods of collaboration and supporting tools that work for everyone - no matter the physical location of their employees.

“The Spotlight” is the first segment of each episode and will feature an in-depth fireside chat with a distinguished technology thought leader. The second segment, and the focus of this post, is “The Impact of Technology” which provides perspectives from PTC leaders on how specific technologies are supporting this topic. The third segment, “Changing The World” highlights an inspirational individual or company who is creating a social impact.

In the Impact of Technology segment of Episode One, you will experience a dynamic discussion on the tools and technology that are making collaboration and remote work easier with a specific concentration on Software as a Service (SaaS) and augmented reality (AR). Both have proven to be technologies that enable highly regulated industries to collaborate across different geographies, cultures, and perspectives and make it easier to connect with and consolidate highly distributed workforces.

Featured Guests in this segment will also touch on solutions that enable the supply chain and how to create supply chain resiliency. SaaS PLM tools like Arena help organizations to create flexibility, scalability, and adaptability all while collaborating in the cloud. You will also hear how technologies like AR and SaaS are being used to enable students and the next generation of workers.

For this first episode, you can expect a lively conversation among leaders at PTC. The Impact of Technology segment will include the following Featured Guests:

During this segment, you will be able to submit questions to the Featured Guests to answer live. Simply email your questions during the live airing of the segment. BONUS: Everyone who submits a question will be entered into a raffle to win an exclusive LiveWorx gift. You will be entered into the raffle even if your question isn't answered on air.

Tune in and join these thought leaders on March 25th at 10 am EDT!

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